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Easter Engraved Wooden Decorative Rolling Pin - 35cm

Easter Engraved Wooden Decorative Rolling Pin - 35cm

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  • Make embossed cookies, pastries, fondant, rolls and more!
  • 3 models
  • Size:
    • Approx. 35cm x 5cm (smaller than standard rolling pin)
    • Circumference: Approx. 15cm
    • Size includes handles
  • Material: Natural Wood
  • NOTE: Pattern will show on minimal rise dough like sugar cookies. The pattern will not show on high rise or flaky dough like pie crust
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    • Roll your dough first with a plain rolling pin
    • The embossed rolling pin will give the final professional design touch
    • *This is a decorating tool, not the primary rolling pin used to shape or flatten dough*